Say Yes To Braille Menu's In Restaurants

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The problem I want to solve is the lack of accessibility for blind and/or deafblind individuals. I want to stop the discrimination and give these people what is a human right; that is, to be able to read things for themselves instead of relying on others to do so.

If Braille menu's are not provided, these people face a loss of independence and freedom, something all humans should be entitled to. We need to be active and insist that Braille is made available for those with print disabilities, otherwise the disadvantaged people will feel helpless, suffer low self-esteem and have other issues when out in public.

This problem is particularly important to me as I myself have been a user of Braille since I was 4, and now, at age 19, I struggle every day to find the independence I so desire, simply because the print is too small for me to read. I ask you all, blind and sighted alike, to help me raise awareness and ask our restaurants to have a Braille menu on their counters, just so that life can be that little bit easier for people with low vision.