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Update: The School's response to our calls and work moving forward

We want to thank all of you for taking the time to sign and share this petition. It's meant so much to receive the amount of support we have in the last couple of days.We are in talks with the School and have asked them to provide us with a timeline for meeting our Calls.You may have seen a couple news stories on this initiative, and you might see a couple more in the coming days. We wanted to note that because many of us are currently working in the media, we are in the unfortunate and unique position of being unable to be interviewed for these stories. The inability of journalists to comment on issues of which they are a part -- a sticking point for many of our employers -- is a byproduct of an era we hope to change through our work. For now, you may notice that stories about our calls do not fully represent our voice.To avoid conflict with our jobs, we must also be careful about what we post on our personal social media account. This is why we will be creating a Facebook page where we can share updates about our progress with the School. We want to share this process in a public way so that we can remain transparent and the School can be held accountable.If you would like to see what the School has committed to already, you can see its update here: https://carleton.ca/sjc/journalism/equity-and-inclusion/an-open-letter-to-our-students/We are pleased to see the School acknowledge these calls, but more needs to be done in the coming weeks, months and years.If you are alumni or currently studying at the School and would like to get involved, please let us know by contacting our Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/Pushing-for-fundamental-change-at-Carleton-Universitys-J-School-110006287421969We'll be posting a statement we sent to media outlets reporting on this on that page. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued support.

BIPOC students and alumni - Carleton University
2 years ago