Save the REAL Carleton place skatepark from closing.

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The morning of July 7th 2020, Carleton Place town workers placed metal fencing and "no trespassing" signs around the skatepark near the curling club. Without warning and with very little explanation, the park is now closed . One worker informed us that the park would be torn down. After asking multiple sources, the conclusion is that the local OPP has advised the Carleton Place Parks and Culture Department that the park should be closed off do to recent vandalism. 

    This is not the way to solve this issue. Closing the park will only provoke vandals to either increase the destruction out of spite, or cause them to move their devious behavior somewhere else. If the police are truly concerned then they should be making their presence known and dealing with the individuals, not making innocent park goers suffer for someone else's mistake. 

    This park is near and dear to the hearts of many, even though this park has been neglected for years. Whether you're a kid learning a new passion, a parent trying to get your child active (without being in crowded areas) or you are a life long lover of this park, PLEASE don't let this park close. 

By signing this petition you are showing your support in keeping this piece of Carleton Place culture alive, open and enjoyed 

Thank you