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This morning, March 2nd, I received an email from Joe Baggot. Here are the main points of the email.


1. No decision will be made in the near future because the deans need to focus their efforts on the recent tragedy.


2. The only impact that the students being transported had is that the administration became aware of my party. It did not lead them to believe that I provided an unsafe environment for students. There were also multiple community concerns submitted about my party that lead to the administration becoming aware of it. From what I understand, the transports had little impact on the current situation.


3. They argue that I created an unsafe environment for students by serving hard liquor and serving alcohol to underage students. These are the only two reasons. As all of us know, almost every single party at Carleton will have hard liquor present as well as underage students. It is now fully clear to me that they are blatantly targeting me for things almost all of us participate in.


4. All of the opinions of students will be heard before any decision is made.


Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. If there is anything I can do for you now or ever I am only a message away.


Thanks again,

Austin Lane <3

I had a meeting with Joe Baggot this morning, February 28th, about me hosting Shitshow Shaturday this past Saturday, February 22nd. From what I understand it is very likely that the deans are going to make the decision to expel me, if not suspend me, on Monday morning. Their argument is that I created an unsafe environment for students which is unacceptable. They are citing that two students who were supposedly at my party were transported WHEN THEY WERE NOT CURRENTLY AT MY PARTY. I have no control over what you do outside of the room I am hosting in. It is entirely your decision to drink alcohol outside of my party and I cannot prevent you from doing so. I even encouraged everyone to not pregame my party in order to have my four bartenders monitor how much individuals were drinking. I had six people, four bartenders and two bouncers, actively checking that people were not incredibly intoxicated. They do not care that these two students made their own decisions or that I did everything in my power to prevent transportations while hosting a party. I am asking you to help me in my time of need. It would be of great help to me to email one of the deans to express your opinion if you have one. Please sign the petition and spread the word. Thank you. <3 :)

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