Silent Alarms in New York State Schools

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After the Parkland Shooting, Lori Ahldadeff and Ilan Ahladeff, parents of one of the victims, Alyssa Ahladeff, proposed a law to put silent alarms in all public schools.  Alyssa is our cousin and we want to honor her memory and make schools safer for all students, faculty and staff. The goal is to pass Alyssa's Law in all fifty states.  Alyssa's Law, as it is known, has been passed in New Jersey.  It currently sits in the Education Committees of both the New York State Assembly (Bill A06234) and and New York State Senate (Bill S03620). The bill has been sponsored by Senators David Carlucci and James Skoufis and Assembly persons Ellen Jaffee and Ken Zebrowski, as well as 21 other members. We need the chairs of the Education Committees to bring the bill up and pass it out of committee. Please sign this petition to urge the New York Senate and Assembly to move on this immediately.  If New Jersey can do it, so can New York.