Let Drake back on the basketball team

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Drake Sanson is currently a senior at Beech High School in Hendersonville, TN. Entering high school as a tri-sport athlete (football, baseball, basketball) Drake decided to focus on the latter and quit baseball and football to pursue his love of basketball. After 3 years on the team, Drake quit twice due to personal issues. Full of regret, Drake carried on aimlessly through junior year until he discovered “Last Chance U,” a Netflix Documentary revolving around top athletes’ struggle for redemption on a JUCO football team after their falls from grace. Noticing the parallels between a himself and a Wide Receiver named Carlos Thompson (who also quit multiple times for perosnal issues), Drake decided to follow Thompson’s lead and complete a cycle of redemption. Now 6 months removed from his passion, a revamped Drake Sanson seeks another chance to redeem himself and join his fellow seniors in their last seasons as high school athletes. Please sign this petition to convince the Beech High School administration and Boys Basketball coaching staff, to grant Drake a final chance at redemption. Until then, he’ll continue his rigorous basketball routine he undergoes everyday to make sure he’s ready when his name is called.