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Revision of The Carl Albert High School Dress Code Policy

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Today I was told that the outfit in the included photo was not school appropriate, and that because I am the superintendent's daughter, I will be held to a higher expectation of obedience than my fellow Titans. The way students dress is often how they express themselves and learn to be comfortable in their own skin; and furthermore, it has no negative impact on a student's ability to learn in a high school setting. A school dress code policy that operates upon the belief that the amount of skin a student is showing interferes with their own ability and their peers' ability to learn is not only harmful to female students, but also to the male students who are often accused of not being able to focus when a female's shoulder is showing in class. Both men and women attend school to learn, and are fully capable of doing so no matter what the opposite sex may be wearing that day. Currently, both female and male students experience distractions during the school day because of the current dress code policy. This petition is intended to validate the experiences of young people who deal with body shaming, slut-shaming, and the over sexualization of kids in schools who can be pulled out of class and sent home for wearing clothing that is deemed to be "too revealing." Dress code is necessary in school to an extent, but when it is not equally enforced across the student body and faculty it becomes discriminatory and more ineffective than effective. The same or similar rules that apply in the real world (No nudity in public places) should be considered as a revision to school policy because high school exists to prepare students for higher education and real world experience. No two people have the exact same body, and rules such as the finger-tip rule do not affect two people in the same way. The lack of specificity in policy allows faculty to hold some students to different standards than others. Teaching children that their bodies need to be covered up will never help them develop body confidence nor an understanding of how they could possibly express themselves through what they wear. The Carl Albert High School dress code policy as it currently stands is discriminatory and is not enforced equally for all students. Sign this petition if you believe that adjusting the dress code policy would positively affect our school community and allow all Titans to feel more comfortable in their learning environment. Love and respect.

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