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Caribbean People: Legalize Cannabis for Industrial, Medicinal, Spiritual & Recreational Use


The Caribbean economy is suffering trying to fight a drug war against its own citizens. There were no social problems associated with the plant before the prohibition of Cannabis. Cannabis has many Medical, Spritual and Personal Benefits. Industrial Hemp can help the growth of the Caribbean. CARICOM must make the right decision Feb 2014. 

Letter to
Mr. Leonard Robertson Adviser, Public Information CARICOM Heads of State
Caricom Community Secretariat CARICOM Heads of State
By signing this petition we are requesting the CARICOM heads of state, repeal the prohibition of Cannabis which is an affront to my personal civil rights, and a scourge upon our society, culture and entire legal apparatus. We must fully repeal Cannabis prohibition so that it can be employed for its industrial, spiritual, medicinal and recreational benefits.

Cannabis is an omnipotent resource for manufacturing anything, except for glass or metal. Cannabis contains the highest cellulose content of any plant and therefore is perfectly suited to a range of industrial applications.

Spiritually Cannabis is very close to the cultures of our Caribbean ancestors and is revered by many religions today.

Cannabinoids in the Cannabis flowers are beneficial medicinally to attenuate or cure over 200 different diseases or medical ailments, including glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, HIV, Alzheimer's and neuro-degenerative conditions.

The hypoallergenic seed from the plant is the most nutrient rich cholesterol lowering full protein, containing all the amino acids and essential fatty acids in optimal ratios for human consumption, in a fully digestible form.

The US led “War on Drugs” has been a 2.5 trillion dollar utter failure which has only created an environment conducive to the black market in which gangs and criminals resort to violence to resolve matters of theft etc. as the current laws leave them no legal recourse.

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