Save Caribbean Gardens Market

Save Caribbean Gardens Market

1 July 2020
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Caribbean Gardens & Market (Dear owners)
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Started by Mar Dem

Caribbean gardens & market in Scoresby, Victoria has been well renowned by locals & tourists for over 50 years.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, management have decided to close the facility permanently.

Generations of families have frequented this site weekly for market stalls, fresh produce & family fun rides, entertainment & barbecues.

Other organizations such as car enthusiast clubs, have held monthly car show meetings & events.

Caribbean gardens showcased beautifully maintained grounds & facilities for fun & safe family outings. Boat rides, train rides, pony rides & many more. Even school excursions..

Closure of this facility will be a huge loss to the community.

Please reconsider the decision to close! There ARE several other options for the survival of this Melbourne iconic market.

Please do not sell the 500 acres for further commercial factory development!

This is a very sad announcement that greatly impacts the community!

Please keep Caribbean Gardens & Market ALIVE & THRIVING for now & the next 50 years!



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Signatures: 706Next goal: 1,000
Support now

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