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Let's tell big corporations with big lawyers that they can't walk all over us!Caribbean has a history of not refunding money to their customers, which I didn't know until it impacted me personally.

When I had to cancel my trip due to car repair problems, they assured me that I would be refunded my money within 10 business days with no problems. When it was not returned, I called to find out what was happening. They said they couldn't refund the money until I wrote a written request. I did so still expecting my refund.

Now, two months later I have been told there will be no refund of my $500. That may not seem like a lot of money to some but for us it really is. And the truth is that, no matter what amount of money it is, I am tired of feeling completely powerless against huge corporations who make profits off of lying to consumers. We deserve better treatment from big business. When a company representative says on a taped phone conversation that they are refunding my money at that very moment, they need to be held responsible.

And, as I've tried to resolve this issue, I have been denied phone access to the department that handles refunds. That's ridiculous! And since I've complained, they have called me every single day, not spoken a word, and hung up. Caribbean Cruise Lines stop lying to and harrassing your customers and make it easier for customers to resolve issues by providing a number to call! If you can't even do that, you shouldn't be in business!

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Reservations & Complaints Department Caribbean Cruise Lines
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Caribbean Cruise Lines needs to be held accountable to their customers. Repeated instances of unrefunded moneys and undisclosed extra charges will not be tolerated by the public any longer. If Caribbean cannot treat its customers with dignity and respect by telling us the truth about fees and refunding our money when Caribbean has promised it to us, then they should not be in business.

If someone stole $50 from someone on the street, they would go to jail. Yet Caribbean has stolen much more than that over the years from its customers, families like mine. Why are they exempt from the law?

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