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Caribbean Cinemas, we wish to see Terminator 2 3D on the big screen in Puerto Rico.

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On October 26, 1984, The Terminator was released in theaters to critical and commercial success, becoming one of the most beloved sci-fi movies of all time and cementing James Cameron as one of the best up and coming filmmakers in Hollywood and jumpstarting the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger for decades to come. A film as amazing as this was perfect enough on its own to the point that a sequel wasn't really necessary, however on July 1, 1991, the big screen was introduced to what many, myself included consider to be the greatest sequel of all time: Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Breaking barriers in terms of special effects, providing a strong narrative with unbelievable action and fantastic performances from everyone including Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, newcomer Edward Furlong and a returning Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2 became a monstrous hit and cemented itself as one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time and became James Cameron's highest grossing blockbuster for 6 years until Titanic was released back in 1997.

Now on the year 2017, the film is currently set to be re-released on the big screen on August 25, 4 days before Judgment Day of all things, commonly labeled as Terminator 2 3D (not to be confused with the Universal Studios attraction) and will be a 4K 3D remaster of the original film. The reason I'm starting this petition is because there's no doubt in my mind that a film like this will be given a release throughout several theaters across the United States; unfortunately Puerto Rico happens to be a place that manages to get overlooked when it comes to limited film releases such as these. Terminator 2 isn't just a fantastic film and a landmark in cinematic achievement; to many people, this movie is also their childhood, mine included. The influence this film has had on pop culture is something near impossible to sum up, and I believe I speak on behalf of every sci-fi fan in Puerto Rico when I say this: Caribbean Cinemas, we wish to see Terminator 2 3D on the big screen in Puerto Rico.

Considering how popular and important a film such as this is, not just to pop culture, but to the hearts of so many people, it's easy to see why a release in Puerto Rico would get many people excited to see it. I understand that distribution is a tricky thing and limited releases like these are not very common, but to see a film like this in theaters is an experience that even many fans of this film didn't get the opportunity to witness. An event like this would be huge out here, considering the masses of sci-fi fans here in La Isla Del Encanto, and nothing would be more satisfying than to see the greatest sequel of all time in theaters, as if we were watching it for the first time. Please make it happen Caribbean Cinemas.


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