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Remove Andrew Forrests misleading petition from the Care2 petition site!

"REAL change Means REAL Jobs for Indigenous Australians" Is a very misleading petition run by Generation One, on the Care2 Petition website.

“Generation One” is a controversial company in Australia, as it is Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s company, who is a ‘mining giant’ here in Australia under “Fortescue Metals Group.” He is renowned for his ruthless attitudes towards Aboriginal people, meanwhile portraying himself as a “friend to Aboriginal people” in the media, which is completely untrue. Any Aboriginal people who do not agree to have their lands mined under FMG are almost always followed up with threats from our Government to “compulsorily acquire” their land, if they do not sign with FMG. Andrew Forrest and FMG have contributed to the hugest losses in Australia’s Aboriginal people, culture and human rights, while the press release’s, state with praise “He has contributed greatly to our economy.”

Currently Andrew Forrest is under fire for his “Native Title Meeting” which was caught on camera showing his corrupt dealings with the Yindjibarndi people who are still fighting for their right to have Andrew Forrest NOT mine their precious and sacred lands. (Please see the video above)

“Generation One” is nothing more than a modern day assimilation policy, and another way to ‘befriend Aboriginal Locals’ to make his job of raping and pillaging their land through FMG, as quick and painless as possible.(Which is usually against the Elders wishes) 

As an activist, fighting for human rights / Aboriginal rights, We see what Andrew Forrest is capable of on a daily basis, and how disgraceful & misleading “Generation One” truly is. We turn to companies like Care2 to be the voice of the people who are not heard in the media, to try and gain some momentum from the public, to stand up to our Government and force change. I have written to Care2 & received no response. I have posted a message on the petition it's self writing to inform them about this company which has seemed to fall between the cracks under a wholesome title, and into their petition website unknowingly. As a result of this non-response, I’ve decided to make this petition, in hope they will see what’s happening here, and do the right thing by removing the petition.

We appreciate all the hard work Care2 does for a healthier, happier tomorrow for humans and animals alike. We definitely support and acknowledge all their hard work and thank them immensely for that. However, we need them to reconsider their stance of allowing “Generation One” to have petitions on their site. The messages are misleading and manipulative, and the signatures are from the kind hearted public who honestly want to see reconciliation, and a positive change in our society here in Australia. If those people knew how much their signature would be assisting the exact opposite from happening, I am sure they’d never have signed. 

Please help us, the people, get our wholesome messages out. Mining companies have all the money in the world to buy outcomes. They maximise on advertising and can afford to do what people fighting against them, cannot! They don't need to, nor should they have the right to, clog up our grass roots lines of communication further destroying Aboriginal rights.

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    Care2 Remove "REAL change Means REAL Jobs for Indigenous Australians"

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