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Rigorous Review of HC-ONE Care Homes in the UK

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  1. Carryout an Immediate Inspection of Chaseview Care Home and immediate inspection of the 378 Yellow marked = requires improvement, homes under HC-ONE
  2. Ensure the board of trustees are immediately notified of the Breaches of Protocol within the care homes and request a formal investigation is carried out, to advise why matters have not been addressed and what their intended actions are
  3. Ensure the board of trustees regularly attend all homes and not only acknowledge but action improvements that have been offered by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), ensuring these actions are immediately carried out. If these actions are not immediately implemented, a thorough explanation must be provided with a deadline letter of intent, detailing when they feel they can meet these requirements or if they can at all
  4. The board of trustees must provide a clear explanation as to why all the care homes under HC-ONE are not rated good and the government/local councils must provide an explanation as to why they send elderly people to homes that require improvement.
  5. Local councils must also carry out regular inspections of care homes especially if they are shipping people off to places that are outside of the borough and provide a detailed report of their findings and follow up reports detailing any and all improvements made
  6. Address Ongoing Breaches of Protocol
  7. Address Issues regarding neglect and abuse
  8. Address Medical Negligence 
  9. Address poor staffing and the poor and inadequate equipment on sites
  10. Address poor staff conduct and ill practice
  11. Address the issue of poorly trained management and unprofessional interim managers who cannot act with diplomacy when having conversations, noting that mimicking relatives is highly unprofessional and a display of terrible conduct 
  12. Ensure better procedures are in place to protect the elderly at all costs 
  13. Ensure Care Homes have and respect their duty to consult and inform families of all medical decisions in writing and that no medicine is given without families consent regardless of possession of LPA for Health and Welfare
  14. Ensure all staff members have an extensive knowledge of what the Duty of Care means and adhere to this in their daily practice
  15. Adhere to proper protocol for monitoring and maintaining adequate records pertaining to residents food intake on a daily basis regardless of whether someone is deemed a 'concern' or not
  16. Respect Families Dietary requests
  17. Ensure staff are professional and not only want to care for people but enjoy caring for people 
  18. Develop designated and consistent teams for residents
  19. Make personal hygiene a priority. Develop and distinguish a proper practice for regular bodily checks and a greater understanding of how the body should be cleansed when an individual is placed in care.
  20. Provide adequate legislation to ensure carers know they must cleanse residents properly if they are being entrusted with their care
  21. Adhere to Male to Male and female to female hygiene practice with two staff members present at all times 
  22. Enable Families to take care of their own loved ones if they choose to do so.
  23. Stop robbing the elderly of their hard earned pensions 
  24. Do a full and detailed investigation into the financial cost for black families in comparison to European families paying home care fees
  25. Ensure, monthly, thorough inspections take place, unannounced, to ensure the duty of care is being adhered to and proper practice is being carried out.
  26. Ensure staff are provided with supervision sessions to monitor and aid the care of their mental health
  27. Ensure residents are being given what they are entitled to i.e physio, chiropody
  28. Ensure adequate whistle blowing support is available to staff
  29. Request the board of Trustees are honest about their failings and pay close attention to how Breaches of Protocol can be addressed and ensure improvements made are for the betterment of HC-ONE care homes ensuring such high levels of negligence cease to exist  

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