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Put CCTV in Care homes,Special Need Schools, Day Centres, Nursing homes

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Many Special Needs Children are coming home with unexplained marks and bruises. Many of these children are non verbal or troubles in communication. This will help staff with any false accusations and most of all keep children safe.

We have a son Dylan who is 15 years of age, he has Angelman Syndrome. Dylan cant speak ,but can understand most things that are said to him and has very complex needs, Epilepsy and Gastric Tube. Over many years of Dylan attending Primary and Secondary he has came home with various marks ,bruises etc and as always its always the same story they don't know what happened which is a total outrage considering our son should be getting 1to1, laving us baffled and distressed to why/how nobody saw anything.


Earlier this year Dylan came home with about 6 large scratch marks on his arm and he communicated the soreness of this by rubbing his arm and not allowing anyone to touch it. Each day Dylan has a school diary, on this specific day a teacher stated "he has a couple of scratch marks on his arm it appears he has done this to himself."after examining his arm i contacted the school to find out that the teacher who wrote in his diary wasn't even there he only noticed them later on in the day after enquiries it turns out there was 3 support teachers in the room with around 4 to 5 pupils including dylan and nobody seen anything happen. I know through 15 years experience with Dylan that he does not hurt himself but from previous contact and history at Primary School I know that it was probably another pupil but although i have no anger towards the other pupil with special needs but with the teachers who where not doing there job. If Cameras where to be in play this would have stopped teachers not doing what they are paid to do and would have saw what happened .


Another serious incident happened in respite, after many years we were very reluctant to persue any form of respite we finally decided to try it. Dylan was at respite for 3 nights and two weeks later we find out from the respite management that our son was assaulted by a male worker twice in the same day in front of 2 witnesses who failed to report this but were still talking about this 2 weeks later and they were overheard by another worker who reported this to management .5 months later we are still waiting for an outcome .cameras would have cleared this up a lot quicker and better still prevented this happening in the first place.


This is my son Dylans Story of incidents that should never have happened and along with him there are hundreds and thousends more children and adults each and everyday going through the exact same and we must all together do something to stop the cruelity by these sick individuals and fight for justice and have Cameras put in place in all schools, Respite, Care homes.

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