Change maximum site coverage of 40% to 50% for Langley Park, LANG LANG

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It has come to a lot of land owners in Langley Park estates attention that our guidelines are somewhat different to Summerfields estate but yet are only a stone throw away.

This petition here is to show the Cardinia Shire Council how strongly we disagree with the 10% difference between the two estates in regard to the maximum site coverage which is causing a lot of owners to downsize their desired dream home.

We do understand that Lang Lang wants to keep that 'country' feel to it by not having massive homes crammed onto a block but with that being said we are only asking to have the same maximum coverage as Summerfields estate.

There has been strong discussion within the community group on Facebook so let’s get behind this petition and seek the resolution we are all wanting.

In advanced we would like to thank the Cardinia Shire Council for your time and consideration.