Emerald Preschool Save Our Kinder's Backyard

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Our beloved Emerald Preschool in the leafy hills suburb of Emerald Victoria is in the middle of an Accessibility Inclusions Grant upgrade which strives to make the Kindergarten accessible for all abillities. Implemented by Cardinia Council together with Best Chance, our Early Years Managing body, the works include altering the indoor and outdoor spaces of our Kindergarten. With the indoor spaces now mostly complete, the council have plans to make BIG changes to the children's outdoor space this coming Term 1 Easter Holidays.

Very little consultation regarding the project has taken place and when the Kinder has raised it's concerns they have fallen on deaf ears.

Our concerns are;

  • The Children's Educators have the biggest concerns with the fence removal between the 3 and 4 year olds Outdoor Spaces. The educators see this as a major risk to the safety of the children.
  •  A large amount of trees, shrubs, grassing and our much loved Billabong are to be removed and replaced by CONCRETE, destroying our children's love of nature play and greenery in the garden.
  • Several pathway steps are to remain in the outdoor spaces making the entire project pointless as these aren't accessible for all
  • Many years of community fundraised money, time and effort at working bees to make our gardens magical for the children will be destroyed
  • Councils disregard of the children's, educators and communities voice

We love the environment and the bushy surroundings of where we live and our little Kinder resides, please don't let them take this away from our kids.

Please sign the petition to help  Cardinia Council and Best Chance listen to the children's and communities voice, until a fully funded plan is agreed to and in place.

Thank You, Emerald Preschool Community