Save Year 11 Study Leave

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This petition is aimed to highlight the unpopularity and flaws of the revised study leave system where Yr 11 students will be required to remain in school and attend lessons as usual until they have taken their exams.

I accept that the original system had its flaws, but it is important to recognise that the new proposal will severely hinder our ability to revise efficiently.

Picture a situation where students are sitting in an RE lesson with a Chemistry exam in less than half an hour's time. How are they supposed to revise? Even if they were allowed to go through the chemistry material, what support can the RE teacher offer?

Now remind yourselves of the old system where those students could contact their subject teacher for help or meet up with their peers for last minute tips.

Which system is more efficient, and will lead to less stress and better results in the long run?

Furthermore, each student has a revision technique which individually suits them. This may be watching Youtube videos, making posters, holding group discussions or simply reading through their notes. Sitting in a classroom means that not all of these students' needs can be catered for, whereas at home the students are free to revise however they choose.

As a final point as to why this decision over study leave will negatively affect our future, I would like to refer to the key aspect of college that Newman 6th Form continuously stressed throughout their numerous pitches towards potential students: Independence.

The ability to work independently is a crucial part of college and university life - when we are deemed responsible enough to control our own learning and education with the support of library resources and school staff. And yet only 6 months away from the transition into college, we are not responsible enough to plan and undertake our own revision?

These reasons and many more are why I, as a Yr 11 student of Cardinal Newman Catholic School whose ability to revise and succeed in my exams will be directly and negatively impacted by the school's recent but reversible decision over study leave, urge my fellow peers, parents and school staff, to sign this petition expressing our protest.

We are in favour of reverting back to the previous system of study leave where pupils were free to revise independently at home using their own methods.

All we ask is that the school consider the impact of their decision our education and on our futures, and make the right choice - to allow Yr11 students on study leave.

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