Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, homosexuality is not a human defect. Equal rights not sympathy!

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Anita Kanitz
4 years ago
“human beings are human beings, just treat everyone like that.”
― Hayley Williams

Forced intercourse and rape are weapons!

Corrective rape, the belief that heterosexual rape can “cure” or “correct” a woman’s homosexuality, is known to be common in South Africa, although the exact number of incidents is impossible to calculate. There is no separate category for corrective rape in the law, which means incidents are not officially recorded. Despite promises of a law to deal specifically with corrective rape in 2010, and years of pressure from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) groups in South Africa, activists say concrete government action has been slow to materialize.

Many are now calling for corrective rape to be legally recognized as a hate crime, along with other hate-motivated acts, which could force government institutions and the police to provide specific responses, such as gender sensitivity training for staff dealing with these crimes and enhanced sentencing for perpetrators. A law could also push authorities to come up with a standardized response to incident reports with an emphasis on better data collection and monitoring of hate crimes to measure the extent of the problem, and the subsequent allocation of appropriate resources to address it.

“Even though the term [corrective rape] is often used, no such legal category exists,” said Sanja Bornman, managing attorney of the Lawyers for Human Rights‘ Gender Equality Program and chairperson of the Hate Crimes Working Group.

“Activists are calling for a law that specifically recognizes the motive of hate, which makes these crimes different for several reasons, including the implicit threat to other lesbians within these communities,” said Bornman.
Gay rights activist Bontle Khalo sits beneath photos of the local gay community in the offices of the local organizing committee. The township was known as a haven for black gays and lesbians. There has been an alarming rise of homophobic violence in some of the country’s most impoverished communities.

While a draft hate crimes bill was opened to public comment on October 19 and obliges police and judicial officials to take sexual orientation and gender identity into account when considering motive, Bornman said the process of having it officially signed into law will be lengthy.

In the meantime, the government is taking small steps to address the issue of corrective rape, but activists say these small successes are often marred by a lack of capacity. In 2011, a petition demanding the South African government take action to stop corrective rape, received over 170,000 signatures. The result was the formation of the National Task Team on LGBTIQ issues (NTT), a partnership between the government and civil society groups aimed at addressing hate crimes, among other issues.

“The NTT holds significant promise but is hampered by a lack of capacity and coordination, especially at the provincial level,” said Bornman.

The Department of Justice also established a Rapid Response Team to respond to hate crimes and to address the backlog of reported incidents of hate crimes being committed against LGBTIQ persons. But this team, too, is ineffective, say critics.

Historically, South Africa has taken a progressive approach to LGBTIQ issues in the law – it was one of the first countries in the world to protect the right of sexual orientation in its constitution, for example.

But activists argue that laws aren’t much of a deterrent in the context of South Africa’s patriarchal society. In a recent survey commissioned by the Other Foundation, an African Trust aiming at advancing freedom and equality in Africa, an estimated 450,000 South Africans reported they had physically harmed women who “dress and behave like men in public” in the previous 12 months, and 700,000 had verbally abused gender nonconforming people.

Violence against lesbians in South Africa is taking place against a backdrop of sexual violence and machismo culture. More than 50,000 sexual offenses have been reported to the police every year since the Sexual Offenses Act was passed in 2007, with a decline in reported sexual offenses in the past five years. The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust attributed this decrease to reduced reporting rather than reduced incidence of rape, thus those figures might only reflect a small portion of the real number of offenses.

Cases of corrective rape are rarely reported, even more rarely result in a conviction. But when perpetrators are punished, those cases often illustrate the disconnect between the country’s progressive law and patriarchal reality. In 2008, national female football star Eudy Simelane was murdered just outside Kwa Thema in Johannesburg. Simelane, who had been a vocal advocate of LGBTIQ rights, had been gang raped, beaten and stabbed 25 times in the legs, face and chest. Simelane’s trial was the first related to the murder of a lesbian women to end in a conviction.

The creation of gender (so-called nature) by law was systematic, sophisticated, supremely intelligent; behavior regulated to produce social conditions of power and powerlessness experienced by the individuals inside the social system as the sexual natures inside them as individuals. There were the great, broad laws; prohibiting sodomy; prescribing fucking in marriage; directing the fuck to the vagina, not the mouth or the rectum of the woman because men have mouths and rectums too; legitimizing the fuck when it produces children; each turn of the screw so to speak heightening gender polarity and increasing male power over women, fucking itself the way of creating and maintaining that power. ... Opposites were created; a hierarchy was created; intercourse expressed both the opposition and the hierarchy. Intercourse became the "natural" expression of the different "natures" of men and women, each pushed away from having a common human nature by laws that prohibited any recognition of sameness; each pushed into a sexual antagonism created by the dominance and submission that was the only intimacy they shared.

— Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

Childbearing is glorified in part because women die from it.

Andrea Dworkin

The enslavement of women and girls since humankind exists, is funded by the enslavement of their bodies and their sexuality. It is funded by rape culture, forced marriages, child marriages, forced child births, forced FGM, paid and unpaid rape in prostitution and pornography, marital rape, sex trade, sex slavery, denied human rigths, education, gender equality and denied contraception and abortion.Denied contraception and abortion means forced childbirths, funding of rape culture and misogyny. The best contraception is to have no intercourse with men or that men and boys not rape and abuse women, girls and female childs against their will. The marriage between men and women is glorified, but in the the most cases there are domestic violence and murder, sexual violence and verbal abuse. Rape culture, marital rape, gang rapes, corrective rapes, child rapes connected with sexual and domestic violence, with underaged and forced marriages, sexual and domestic murder are common wordlwide and the normal way of life in all countries. Rape videos, sex trade and rape porns are common worldwide. Females are treated like garbage and worthless objects. In all countries there are femicides, female infanticide and the forced abortion of female babies. That's a shame for our whole planet.

Sexual violence is by definition, rape.
Having initial vaginal intercourse is painful and uncomfortable whereas clitoral stimulation is immediately pleasurable.
PiV is the default mode of our male defined views of human sexuality, not based upon a female viewpoint.
Money, power, and fame are primarily of use to males in obtaining more sex. They do not provide the same value to women.
Pregnancy is enslavement and not a forgivable excuse for rape since other forms of non violent insemination exist.

PIV (penis in vagina) intercourse is considered to be the definition of “normal” sex by doctors, psychologists, TV, and most men. But should putting the penis in the vagina be considered the only way to have sex, or even a normal way?
Let’s examine some myths:

*Having PIV is the only way to get pregnant. Not true. Sperm can swim up the vagina from the outside. Pregnancy is often caused this way.

*PIV is the most enjoyable type of sex. This is bullshit. It is enjoyable for all men, not most women. Everyone’s different, but most women like having their clitoris stimulated instead. The vagina has no nerves inside, so the pleasure a woman feels during PIV usually comes from stimulating the clitoris, too. Why not stimulate the clitoris with the penis? Both partners get pleasure. Most women do not enjoy PIV as much as clitoral stimulation; some hate PIV. Saying “PIV is pleasurable” is very opinionated, like saying “ice cream tastes good”, or “red is the best color”..."

Most women find vaginal intercourse demeaning and oppressive.

Rape pornography is extremely inhumane and pure misogyny. Here were often teens and even children brutally tortured and raped. This must strictly be punished with long prison sentences and these pages must be permanently removed from the internet. The existence of such rape porn I found out as a perverted stalker sent me this for five years such kind of rape porn mails and the sender could not be found unambiguously. This is absolutely scandalous that there are such disgusting brutal porn, at which sadists may still enjoy! This needs to stop immediately!

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angel antony
5 years ago
சம உரிமைகள் சம மரியாதைதான் அவசியம்
காதல், இரக்கம், மன்னிப்பு, பெருந்தன்மை மற்றும் நம்பிக்கைக்கும் போன்ற பண்புகள் இருக்கவேண்டும் இவ்வாறன பண்புகள் ஓரினச் சேர்க்கை சழூகத்திற்குண்டு

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McE Galbreath
5 years ago
I feel strongly that choice is not a "defect".

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Thara Devani
5 years ago
Im a law student and according to what i learn equality is a general princple of law.

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Rachel Black
5 years ago
Because I'm a homosexual trying to get my life together. You can't never tell someone to change their sexuality. Think about it. Its like forcing a heterosexual to love a person of the same sex can it be done? No! Same way we can't love people of the opposite sex. That's that. And we are not monsters. We are people like everyone else. Its true that most people out there think its all about sex. But its not. Gay people can commit to a serious monogamous relationship too. We can love unconditionally from the heart. But the problem is our society rejects us. I'm 100% if we open doors for eqaul rights gay people can give soo much to the world. Most of them out there are in depression. Some married to straight people and the family life is ruined both to their straight partners and children. Do you have any idea how many homosexuals think about taking their own life. All the time spent wondering and worrying about their sexuality. Worrying for been themselves. Every action, every word, every look, every talk should be carefully filtered through so as not to show their sexuality. All the pain that they hold inside. Gosh its endless. You won't feel it unless you have been through it. Let the struggle end. I'm looking forward for a better future with more acceptance. #thrivingforabetterworld #holdonpainends #gayrights

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Chamath Ellawala
5 years ago
Because I believe everybody deserve to live their lives free

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anuka desilva
5 years ago
we want to our sexual Rights

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Sutha Ganesha
5 years ago
We need our basic human rights recognized.

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Tracey Horan
5 years ago
I have family and friends who are part of the LGBTQ community, and they are not "defected." They are human beings made in the image and likeness of God.

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Thomas Novak
5 years ago
I am saddened that the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka, which has so often stood in solidarity with minorities, would not take this uninformed stand that will only make life more difficult for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Sri Lanka. as the language used by Cardinal Ranjith may well help justify the actions of those who discriminate against lgbt people, or who may even use violence against lgbt people.