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Cardiff University! Demand the Disbandment of 'Students For Life'.

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The Anti-Abortion, otherwise recognised as Pro-Life, movement advocates against the practice and legality of abortion in a safe medical and professional environment. In other words, Anti-Aboriton advocates have a big fat problem with granting women a basic human right to bodily autonomy - a right considered so fundamental to the sanctity of the human body that it is rewarded even to corpses!   

The Anti-Abortion movement is one founded on the absolute disinterest in women's    rights, liberation and emancipation. Cardiff University's 'Students For Life' takes the Anti-Abortion ideology to its most extreme in preaching that women who have fallen pregnant as a result of rape do not have a legal or moral right to seek medical attention in the form of an abortion. Their official website claims:

  • "It (abortion) does not un-rape a woman."
  • "Abortion is not a solution to rape."
  • "The experience cannot be undone and should be responded to with compassion." I can only assume from the context of this comment that Students For Life are here stating that it is neither compassionate nor moral for rape victims/survivors to terminate pregnancies that have resulted from rape.  
  • "Abortion is a violent and invasive procedure.” 
  • "Murder, rape and domestic violence occur on a daily basis and cannot be entirely prevented, but no one suggests legalising these crimes or allowing them to take place in a hygienic environment."
  • The organisation then goes on to feature testimonies from persons born from rape as a method of manipulation to guilt vulnerable women in to a life-altering decision they perhaps do not desire.

Through their irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric Cardiff University's 'Students For Life' not only condone but encourage the continued violation of abused women.  'Students For Life' claim to be an organisation dedicated to providing support, understanding and compassion for vulnerable young women, yet they are, of course, gravely dishonest in their earnest ambitions. 'Students For Life' serve to exploit the trauma of abused women to satisfy their own self-interested political and religious agendas. Rape commonly results in severe mental and emotional instability and the nature of the comments made by 'Students For Life' are harmful and perhaps detrimental to to the wellbeing of women in our community. I genuinely fear for the safety of vulnerable women who seek out 'Students For Life' in search of support and advice and are instead greeted with misogyny, judgement and manipulative exploitation. This is not a matter of freedom of speech and/or expression considering that 'Students For Life' incites hate, discrimination and persecution of the marginalised. 

Vouching your support for this petition will ensure that 'Students For Life' are no longer recognised by the student body as an appropriate organisation for women seeking unbiased and informed guidance and support. I will make women's safety, protection and awareness of women's rights and liberation in our community my personal ambition as well as making certain that Cardiff University address a woman's right to terminate unwanted pregnancies as a newfound priority.

This is not just a women's issue. Denying women civil liberties that we so rightly deserve is nothing less than a humanitarian crisis. Our bodies are not democracies. Our bodies are not political battlegrounds. 
Let 'Students For Life' and Cardiff University know that their misogyny is not welcome. 

Anna x


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