Road Lanes & Pavements

Road Lanes & Pavements

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Started by Muhammad shafahat

Pavements are constantly being increased in size unnecessarily making roads narrow. This effects the flow of traffic and increases waiting time and allows traffic to build up. For example Penylan Hill/Colchester Avenue junction, Cardiff, that has just been changed from two lanes to one lane only. This has had a big effect on traffic build up as you are now waiting much longer in the traffic que. Whereas before the change there were two lanes, one for cars turning left onto Colchester Avenue and one lane for those cars wanting to go straight down.

Another example is when driving through Colchester Avenue up onto Penylan Hill Junction, lane closure is currently in the process. This again is increasing traffic and waiting time all through to Waterloo Road junction.

These changes effect many people living in and around Cyncoed, Penylan and Llanedyrn. It effects the time people need to leave for work and school, as you now need to allow extra time. This has also a knock on effect on the sides streets surorunding these areas as people are now making more use of the streets to cut through. This then increases the congestion in the side streets effecting residents peace and increasing risk of accidents.

The local council need to stop increasing pavement size unnecessarily and effecting roads, road users and pedestrians. Instead the budget can be used to improve road quality.

If this petition was successful then it would reduce travel time, decrease traffic and would result in less stress for road users.

34 have signed. Let’s get to 50!