New Secondary School for Cardiff North by 2022

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We call upon Cardiff Council to tell us when the new secondary school in Cardiff North, promised in the Local Development Plan (ED009.6) to cope with rising demand, is going to be built.

Extensive housing developments in the Old St. Mellons/Lisvane/Pontprennau area, comprising 5670 family homes, began in 2016. By 2022 there will be nearly 3000 new homes in the area.

Secondary school provision needs to be prioritised in Cardiff North because of its location, bounded by Newport to the East. The closest community secondary school is Llanishen High, one of the five over-subscribed schools in Cardiff (412 preferences for 259 spaces in 2017/18) and the next two nearest schools are faith schools (Corpus Christi and St. Teilo’s).

Cardiff Council needs to make sure that they are not just building houses, they are building a cohesive and inclusive community in Cardiff North, in line with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. To fulfill such obligations the Council needs to reassure the community they have a clear vision for secondary education in Cardiff North.

In 2022 the first pupils will be graduating from Pontprennau Primary School. It was only opened in September 2015, but is already the most oversubscribed primary in Cardiff (103 applications made for 60 places in 2018/19). Where are they going to go?

Children need to have a reassuring transition to Year 7. If we are to have A Wales of Cohesive Communities, in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act, pupils need to feel supported and to know that they are likely to move to secondary school with friends they have made locally.

Development on the new secondary school needs to begin now for completion in 2022. Otherwise, families will feel forced to move out of the Cardiff North area to get into catchment areas for other schools.

Not only would such upheaval be disruptive for the children, it would be very damaging to the community, particularly in a developing area, such as Cardiff North. 

Act now! Sign the petition for the new secondary school to be built in Cardiff North by 2022.