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We need to stop the dangerous parking we see outside our school at drop off and pick up time.

Double yellow line parking is causing a safety risk to our children!

When parking in Shaw Close, either on double yellow lines or in front of the school gates, it puts the lives of our children, parents and local residents at danger. It forces pedestrians to walk onto the road, often with pushchairs and children in tow. Parking here causes blind spots for drivers and pedestrians.

The school has spent a considerable amount of time outside of the gates speaking to those parking in inconsiderate and dangerous places to no avail. This includes enlisting the help of local council and the police. Frequent newsletters and reminders about safely parking outside of school.

Whilst the school is aware that the parking situation is fair from perfect, we have been lucky enough to be allowed the use of the Drs car park, and when unlocked The Boxing Club (although times here can vary).

These are OUR children we are trying to protect.

It is OUR job to park correctly.

This petition is to be put to Cardiff Council in order to change the road markings on Shaw Close. We require the yellow lines to be changed into Zig Zag lines as a matter of urgency. These would then indicate that the driver is on approach of pedestrians crossing. It is an offence to stop a vehicle within the lines, except to allow pedestrians to cross. This is enforceable by a fixed penalty notice.

Ball Rd and surrounding areas offers more than enough parking for the local schools. It would take an extra 5mins to park a little further and walk.

Please consider this.


Please take the time to sign the petition and spread the word.

Raising awareness so that parents etc park with more consideration.

Your help is much appreciated.