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I want shared custody of my kids.

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I am starting this petition to try to make my ex-wife understand that our children need to have me in their life as much as they need her. 

I recently met with my ex to discuss custody and it did not go so well. I have been asking for joint custody but she will not agree to it. Do not get me wrong, my ex is a good mother and I like to think she only has the kids best interest in mind, but we don't always agree on what is best for them. When we met she asked when I wanted the kids and I explained that I would like them half of the time to which she said no. I have been told on a daily basis that "I let you see the kids whenever you want and I wouldn't ever keep you from seeing them." As it stands we are still married on paper and there is no custody agreement so we both have equal rights to the children . I have been doing what she says as to not "rock the boat", but I have come to realize that she does not see me as being as important in their lives as she is. I said that I was going to keep them a few extra days and she threatened to file for emergency custody. 

I am more than happy to continue to pay for child support if i get joint custody, so this is not an attempt to get out of paying. I just want my kids. I believe she thinks that the kids being in her home and following her schedule is more important than the kids having time with me. 

There is a constant back and forth of "if never not let you have the kids, when would you like them?" to which I respond "I would like them half of the time, I don't care if we do a week on, a week off, or if we switch every few days". "no, I do not agree to that. I would never not let you have them, when would you like them? "

I am at my wits end and am waiting for court, but to be honest I am completely terrified for it because I know that the court system is biased in favor of the mother. I am a good father, I would do anything for my children, and I just want my equal share of their time. I'm know there are plenty of dads who are fine with just paying their support and only having the kids every other weekend but that is not me. Please help me try to show my ex and the state that dads are not second class parents and deserve to get to raise their children. 




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