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Car dealers that sell vehicles with no title should have criminal charges brought against them.

I purchased a vehicle from a used car dealership on 02/05/2011 and had to return it on 07/16/2011 because the dealership did not have a title for it. They refused to give me a refund and instead traded me for a different vehicle. I have just become aware that the dealership does not have a title for this second vehicle either and they are still refusing to give me a refund. I have filed a complaint with the Florida DMV and am currently seeking a refund from the insurance company. The owner of the dealership has said to me that I can do whatever I like (Take him to court, file complaints, ect.) that the government will bail him out like they always do. He is selling vehicles without having titles for them and stealing peoples hard earned money. Something needs to be done to stop dishonest car dealers like him! There are currently no laws against what he is doing. In 30 days I will not be able to drive this car because I cannot register it and he has $3,000 of my money!

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