Get The Captain's Boil restaurants to stop serving their food in plastic bags

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With the world trying to move away from using plastic bags, straws, etc., it seems unethical that this new string of seafood restaurants, called The Captain's Boil, uses heavy duty plastic bags to serve their food to your table while eating inside the restaurant. Even if recycling the bags were an option, the bags are so contaminated with sauce from the food that they aren't recyclable, so they are just thrown into the garbage. And if you ask for your food to go, they put your bag of food into another heavy duty plastic bag to avoid leakage. And that's not even where the plastic ends! While you are eating in the restaurant, your drink comes in a plastic cup with a straw and there are large plastic bibs and gloves that you are supposed to wear while eating the food. The amount of plastic being used just keeps going and going. And with locations rapidly emerging throughout Canada the problem is only going to get worse. 

And if the amount of plastic isn't enough to stop people from eating at this establishment, how about the health risks. The food comings piping hot in the plastic bags, so think about the amount of chemicals that are leaching out of the bag into the food that is about to be consumed.

With recent news of a whale dead with 80 plastic bags inside of it, how can a restaurant owner have the moral compass to encourage plastic bags in their establishment? Please help me get the message across to this restaurant to change their ways, to care about the place we all call home by swapping out the plastic bags for dishes.