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Our fence was damaged on top by a deer. We did not see the damage when my husband let our dog outside to potty. I came home just moments after our dog got out of the broken fence. He started up the road with me in chase. As I was getting him into my truck, a dog began barking at us. Marlo turned and trotted up the hill the dog was up on. The dog was uncontained, unleashed and unattended and not in voice command of anyone. I drove my truck up the driveway of the home the dog was in the yard of to retrieve Marlo. Once the strange dog turned his attention to me, Marlo grabbed him on the back of his neck with his teeth and pinned him down on his stomach. We were in a strange situation with a strange dog, Mario's reaction was for my protection. If he wanted to kill that dog, he could of. The dog had one bite mark, two teeth.

The dog owners posted a exaggerated story of the incident on the neighborhood Next Door website. Any incident involving a black dog, was then blamed on my dog. A total of about five people on the website started a smear and hate campaign against our dog, our other dogs and us as dog owners. We were repeatedly told by animal control that they were calling them daily and sending endless emails wanting our dog removed from our home. Threatening law suits and the jobs of the officers and other Larimer County Animal control employees. They did not remove him as they said the incident did not warrant removal. We were reassured on several occasions from Animal control that we were in No danger of our dog being removed, the officer had made his decision and that his supervisor was backing him on it. They issued us a dog at large, a public nuesence and a dangerous dog charge/citation. Again reassuring us that the dangerous dog charge was just a $50 permit and restrictions.. (Fenced yard, posted sign, not off leash, muzzle, etc.) The week of court I was told by animal control that we had completed and obeyed all the restrictictions and rules of the permit.

I plead guilty and agreed to pay full restitution for the other dogs vet bill. Told repeatedly by the DA that I was facing a fine of $0-$1500 per citation. NEVER was I told my dog was in danger of being ordered euthanized.

Went to my sentencing without any idea what was about to take place! I was railroaded and still in shock. The DA got up and lied, the dog owner got up and lied, and instead of the animal control officer that worked the case and promised and swore our dog was not in any danger coming to the court as I requested, his captain came for the District Attorney!! Completely reversing anything ever told to us and over riding his officers. Then the judge ordered my dog euthanized on the dog owners and DA's request. 

If ever I thought my dog was in danger of losing his life, I would of got an attorney. I would of fought with all my power.

I failed my dog by my ignorance of injustice, and how the court system works.

I filed an appeal. The court order was to have him euthanized in 48 hours at the Humane Society. He is no longer at our home while we go through this process. No way will the  Humane Society kill him. They do it without allowing his family by his side and throw him out. No ashes or remains for us to bury.

I'm trying hard to get the right attorney to help us save Marlo's life!! He is NOT dangerous or aggressive!! 




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