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Capitol One Don't Make Changes to ING DIRECT

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It's important because ING Direct cared about there Customer's. Most Banks now days only care about''PROFIT'' Not in the interest of the ''CUSTOMERS'' Without Customers the Banks would fail.

ING Direct only charged small APR rates for overdraft fee's, For example if you overdraw your account $100.00 for 20 days you will be charged a fee of $0.62
Thats right 62 cents verses other banks of $36.00.

Plus with ING Direct Orange Checking Account any amount you have in you're account from $0.00 to $49,999.99 you earn interest rate of 0.19% APY 0.20%.
How many Banks can you count in the U.S.A. that can beat these rates and fees ?
Banks aren't what they use to be, Now all they are about is too see how much money they can steal from you !

Some customers have been with ING Direct for 10 years or longer, But how many will stay once Capitol One makes changes. If you're a customer with ING DIRECT it's important to sign this Petition and let Richard D. Fairbank of Capitol One know that if he change's anything except the name, We will drop his Bank like a Rock.

Remember Commercial Banks make money from Customers for just opening an account, because they loan your money out and make interest already.
So Capitol One Please don't get Greedy.

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