Capital Punishment for Paedophilia and Rape

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Honourable Prime Minister Modiji, The Honourable Chief Justice of India, Leaders of the Ruling party, Leaders of the opposition, leaders of other political parties, members of the parliament, Law makers, Media Houses and all other prominent personalities addressed in the petition, my sincere greetings. I write this on behalf of a majority of morally conscious Indians.

The last few years have seen a drastic rise in the crime rate against women and children. What’s even more disturbing than the crime is the inaction from the law, or the loopholes in the law that is exploited, and the perpetrators of the crime walk free, ready and more prepared for their next inhuman act. Our freedom fighters would not have imagined a free India which was unsafe and uncivilised for women and children or a weak India that couldn’t defend its daughters, or a corrupt India where criminals could get away with murder and rapes. Are we living in an age where we send our children to schools unsure of their safe return? Are we a part of a society where women have no assurance of their safety? Or are we broadly regressive to the point of denial of facts and blame the victims while victimizing the perpetrator? Can our daughters go to school? Does the length of their school uniforms quantify their safety? These are questions and concerns shared by millions of parents in the Republic of India.

If a child can’t trust her parents, her teachers, her relatives and our own guardians of the law, who else would these children count on? What sort of a generation are we going to develop for the future? So many questions that demand answers.

In Modiji we see a strong and responsible leader. And in the legal system we still put our faith. But that faith is dwindling with such atrocities and primarily due to the inaction. A strong leader comes along once in a life time. And often, is the beacon of hope for the oppressed. When Modiji made tough decisions like demonetization, the citizens bore a lot of pain with the truth and hope of a better tomorrow. The surgical strike assured us of a leader who would not hesitate to act for the people in the interest of the citizens. But a child’s safety is a one of the most basic right that a citizen is entitled to. Personal safety, modesty and physical well-being is the basic right of a woman. None of these are factors are getting any better. The fact is that they are under constant threat. People living in fear for their children, and women in constant fear of rapes, moral policing, acid attacks and so on. How long will this go on? When will this stop? Even animals have more protection and rights than women and children. It is a shame that a nation where women are considered goddesses, is today being considered a Rape capital in the world.

We need our strong leaders, the opposition and the ruling party to stand together. Leaders and Law makers and People of all faith, caste creed and colours unite for this cause. An example must be set. Once and for all. We implore you to bring in far more stringent rules and nothing less than capital punishment for such crimes. And stringent action against government officials who aide and abide by the perpetrators. Nothing short of that will bring the change. This is a cancer that needs to be terminated by force. How many more women and children would need to go through this? I appeal to the entire nation to join us in this petition and show your support. This is not the time to mudsling, politicise or communalise issues. This is the time to stand together against an evil so powerful that it will need every single voice to speak up. Let the change begin with us. Women need not be empowered. They are powerful enough. They need safety from inhuman heinous individuals and they need justice. It is a very basic right. Children need to be safe. They need to have a good upbringing. A safe one. Let us please join hands in making this country a beautiful place. A safe one for all. A peaceful one for every single citizen.

Our humble and sincere appeal to the Government and the legal system is to set an example and sanction capital punishment for paedophilia and rape. Firstly, giving up on the capital punishment would mean giving up on justice for the victims and their families, any lesser punishment is inadequate as a matter of basic justice. Second, an executed capital punishment absolutely guarantees the rapist will never rape again. Third, an effective, enforced capital punishment creates fear and would serve as a reminder that crime has dire consequences, which will deter such crimes. Please let us not lose hope in our judiciary and in our government.

- Pained, Concerned, Fearful and yet Hopeful ‘Common Man’ of The Republic of India

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