Bring Back "Mick Martin's 4-HOUR Blues Party" on Capital Public Radio!

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Mindy Giles
Mindy Giles signed this petition

We, the undersigned, feel the urgent need to express our strong and long-standing support of the award-winning radio host/educator Mick Martin and his four hour “Mick Martin’s Blues Party” radio show.

His tireless work as a historian, educator, mentor, writer, and musician have all coalesced in his work in this beloved radio show. For nearly 30 years Mick’s deeply knowledgeable and uniquely joyous curating of the “Blues Party” has been essential Saturday afternoon listening for all of our Sacramento Blues Society members and blues fans around the world.

We completely agree with Cap Radio's own website description:

"...each week presenting a fresh, no-repeat blues program. It’s four hours of fresh music: new releases by blues artists, classic releases placed in a historical or thematic context and album tracks by performers whose handful of best-known songs are played to death on rock radio. “I call it the antidote to the ‘music of your life’ approach,” Martin says, “Don’t get me wrong, hits are hits for a reason, but what about all the other great music made by popular artists that are seldom, if ever, heard?”

We have set our collective clock to these four hours. And we want those amazing four hours back.

We know we are not alone in this important request. Blues lovers everywhere know and love this show and want its legacy to continue. At the Sacramento Blues Society, we believe in blues music as an important American art form that breaks down racial barriers and opens dialogue about cultural diversity. There has never been a time this show was needed more. To cut this show in half, reducing it to two hours, is cutting the sermon in half. Nick Brunner and Cap Radio decision makers ( )--we hope you are listening.

The SBS has supported Capital Radio with underwriting on Mick’s ”Blues Party.” Individual SBS members are longtime evergreen Cap Radio members AND have been regular donors to your multiple fund drives every year. Again, we know we are not alone in financial support to Capital Public Radio across the years. Blues lovers everywhere know and love this show and have supported it financially.

We, the undersigned, want those amazing four hours back.