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Capilano University’s Interactive Design program teaches students the skills to be designers and developers, and fulfill the demand in the robust web industry in Vancouver. Interactive Design at Capilano University is the best program of its kind in BC, with a phenomenal success rate in sending well-trained graduates into the technology sector of British Columbia, helping transition BC's economy toward innovation and growth in high-tech. Interactive Design is scheduled to be suspended: the Board of Governors are voting on whether or not to discontinue the program on May 14. Please help us spread the word that the loss of this program would be a blow to the creative and technology sector in BC.

Letter to
Capilano University
The students, staff, and alumni of the Interactive Design program at Capilano University are deeply concerned at the proposed closure of our program, along with a number of others at the university. The Interactive Design program has one of the highest employment rates in BC post-secondary education, with almost every grad going on to earn high-paying jobs in our booming digital and creative industries.

Interactive Design has continuously put out some of the top creative talent in the industry, and our students are in high demand from our hiring partners. Our students are trained by instructors who are industry professionals, and who work to ensure that the curriculum is kept up-to-date to meet the ever-changing needs of companies in the tech and creative sectors.

The Mission Statement portion of the Capilano University website reads, "Capilano…is committed to developing new and innovative programs in response to market demand." As the ever-growing roster of industry players entering into partnerships with the Interactive Design program attests, the demand for this innovative program's contribution is enormous. The decision to eliminate the Interactive Design program from British Columbia's educational landscape calls into question the University's commitment to its own stated ideals.

While other institutions in BC offer similar programs, we believe that Interactive Design stands head and shoulders above those offerings, both in the quality of its graduates and in their ability to hit the ground running and immediately start making great contributions to our industry. Our industry partners' feedback has backed this up over and over.

We urge you to reconsider the decision to cut the program, and instead preserve a unique educational opportunity that is in fact a feather in the cap of Capilano U.

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