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Success on the FT Director position!

The_A_Team Kids
Cape Elizabeth, ME

Mar 24, 2015 — Thank you to everyone showing support for our petition! At the 3-19 school board budget meeting the superintendent proposed keeping the instructional support position full time but changing it to a full time Special Education Director position who will be housed in the Pond Cove/Middle school building. This is a great success!!
We couldn't have done it without all the amazing parents and community members writing letters, speaking at school board meetings and those of you who have signed the petition! Thank you!!
There has been no indication from the school board on the plans to hire a behaviorist however so our work is not over. This is a much needed position as expressed by many educators in the district and several parents. A qualified full time district wide behaviorist is crucial at this point in our schools and benefits all children!
Please continue to share this petition and write letters to the school board requesting this position. You can email all school board members here:
Thanks again!
Jenn Brooking
Ann Stjohn


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