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Put up a guard rail at the corner of Surfside Boulevard/Beach Parkway West

Alexie Krill, my roommate, died in a car accident here early Saturday morning (September 22, 2012). She was 24 years old. This is not the first death in this location and there have been multiple accidents in the last few years. Seven years ago Phillip Kenney died at the same location due to a car crash. He was 21 years old. His mother asked for a guard rail to be put up in 2006, but the committee said no. How many people have to die before the committee will believe we need a guard rail? Alexie Krill needed that guard rail and the committee let her down. Lets not let this happen again. Please sign this petition so the Cape Coral Transportation Advisory Committee will understand that this is an issue many people are passionate about.

For more information on Alexie's accident an article can be found


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