Unique weapon designs for MHW: Iceborne

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First of all we all want to thank you guys at Capcom for bringing us MHW: Iceborne!

It's a great game and we all love it!

But there is only one thing that we don't like and that we hope you can change in an future update to make this beautiful game even better.

We all know for sure it was a lot of work to bring us all to Seliana and the new Hoarfrost Reach, to give us many new things to do, to learn and appreciate. Things like new monsters, new weapons, new mechanics. Hell the Clutch Claw is great guys!

But we have one favour to ask you for.

Please Capcom, give us unique weapon designs for all the weapons from monsters that had so good and unique designs in older games. You put a lot of work in this DLC for us and we appreciate it but that's just one thing we miss and a lot of us would love to see the old iconic designs reapear in Iceborne.

Thank you guys and keep up the good work and happy hunting!


Your fans.