SFV AE:Reduce the input lag to 5 frames or less

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Dear Capcom,

Right now,the input lag of "Street Fighter V:Arcade Edition" is 6.3 frames on the PS4 and PC(With Vsync on)


So this heavily affects the whiff punishment and the neutral game(Anti airing,interrupting forward dashes) of Street Fighter V,because of this you won't be able to punish a whiffed attack unless the recovery frames are really really high like 40 frames.Street Fighter V is using Unreal Engine 4 at the moment. Apparently other fighting games who uses Unreal Engine 4(for example:- Tekken 7,developed by Bandai Namco games.) also had this issue before but last year Unreal Engine 4 had an update(version 4.19) where it reduces input lag significantly. 


After this update the Tekken team quickly fixed the input lag issue and reduced it into 4.8 frames. 


But no initiatives till now has been taken by the "Street Fighter" Devs and "Capcom" to reduce the input lag. So we,the Street Fighter community and the FGC in general,humbly request that please take an action to reduce the input lag of "Street Fighter V:Arcade Edition" and oblige therby.


The Fighting Game Community

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