Stop censorship in movies, videogames and cartoons

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I’m tired about all the censorship that has invaded lot of artistic industries.

An artist should be free to express his ideas without restrictions but nowadays there’s afraid to do this because of the public opinion that that unjustly accuse of sexism, violence and more every artistic product on the market.

Out of fear of these unfair criticisms, the manufacturers were forced to impose limits despite the existence of PEGI 18+.

To make some examples: Dragonball Super, did you notice there isn’t blood or gore violence like in Dragonball Z? That have partially ruined the atmospheres during fights.

Or do you know that in the new movie of Mulan Captain Shen will not be Mulan’s Lover cause it can be sexist?

Even in video games you have to be careful not to dress a woman too vulgar or provocative so as not to risk criticism, but there are no problems if a male protagonist is half-naked or shirtless throughout the game, it does not seem very logical to me.

I know I’m not the only one that is tired about all of this, my proposal is to use PEGI to the fullest, avoid the ridiculous censorships imposed in recent times and respect the ideas and interpretations of each artist.
If possible, create two versions of the product, one censored and one uncensored.

I hope we can send a strong message through this petition.