Releasing Resident Evil 4 and 5 for the Nintendo Switch games

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I'm very hope that. The Resident evil 4 and 5 will live for the nintendo switch too like on shield tv. I do not see any obstacles in porting the game data to this console. 
I'm really would like to play it on switch. I am ready to sell my apartment to allocate the entire amount for the development of this game. Just PLEASE, release it for nintendo switch. The console has a huge potential!!! I would like this message to reach your guide, but I know that most likely developers do not look at this topic. I do not want to play cheap Chinese games, I want to play quality and great projects. I'm an avid fan of these 2 parts.
And a series of RE Revelations is not enough to show love for mobile gaming.
I really hope that the developers from Capcom will see this message to help me, to realize the most desired idea. I think that all players like old ports, and interest in such a console will only grow!
I can no longer play on large consoles at home, I like playing on the road.

Please understand, two games on the test of the console's capacity is not enough. The more games, the greater the demand, for example I would like to play all your games on one console, and not jump from computer to console all the time.