Release Mega Man 11 in Europe physically on all systems (and the Mega Man amiibo figure)

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Alex Price
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Recently it was confirmed by a representative for Capcom Europe that the highly anticipated, upcoming release Mega Man 11 (due out in October) will be a digital-only release in Europe, with no statement on if the Mega Man 'amiibo' figure compatible with the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released in Europe at all.

For Mega Man fans in Europe, this is highly disappointing. This is the first new Mega Man release (ignoring re-releases and compilations) in eight years, and people in the region will not be able to own a physical copy. While Mega Man has always been most popular in America, he has a passionate fanbase in Europe that want a physical release just as much as the rest of the world. While the Mega Man Legacy Collections series were re-releases of old products (and also did not see physical releases in the region), this is an entirely new game. If it really is the return to form that fans of the Blue Bomber have been waiting for, it deserves a physical release worldwide.