Make Onimusha 5 in the new consoles (ps3, xbox 360, ps4 and xbox one) and pc

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Ten years has passed now after Onimusha dawn of dreams, it is so regrettable that we do not get a new part in the serie. My petition is simple, make a fifth part of Onimusha by bringing all the heroes back. Personnally I would like Soki to be back (as a god of darkness or as an ultimate black-oni) because he is my favourite character in the serie. Capcom has been developping games like DmC and Resident evil but they absolutely forgot about Onimusha.
The picture bellow may help Capcom for getting ideas about the game. After they know the Japan culture more than all of us. I hope that the answer will be satisfiyng.  (Please bring back Soki to life)