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Give Zangief infinite meter in Street Fighter V

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Zangief is widely known to be one of the weakest characters of Street Fighter V. Compared to Street Fighter IV, Zangief has one less lariat and has no green hand (Banishing Flat). He is a large character, but has really short and slow attacks, with the fastest coming out at 4 frames. One of his best redeeming factors is that his Critical Art comes out in just 1 frame, making it one of the fastest attacks of the game. The problem with that redeeming factor is that it requires a full meter to be used. We propose that we help balance the game for Zangief by building on one of his key strengths: give him infinite meter to make the Critical Art more accessible. Alternatively, here are other ways to balance out the game for Zangief: - give Zangief a fireball - give Zangief a teleporting ability - improve Zangief's reach - give Zangief a 3 frame normal - return the lariat and green hand (Banishing Flat) - give Zangief stretchy limbs like Dhalsim Jokes aside, please improve Zangief. He was a monsterously explosive character in Street Fighter IV, and he was also such fun to play. We want his matchups to be fairer for the game's future. Thank you, very much!

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