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When Street Fighter V was released, it was marketed as a game intended to reach the hearts of all gamers. Sadly, that has not been the case.

One particular issue, and the focus of this petition, is the costume disparity among characters. The lack of diversity has led to one character, Chun Li, having an abundance of costumes over the entire roster. There are characters who are continuously ignored, leaving fans to question if Capcom have forgotten character loyalists who continue to support Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V released in February 2016. In nearly two years, the division of costumes have only worsened. The list below illustrates the number of costumes per character as of December 2017.

Chun-Li: 14
Ibuki: 8
Cammy: 9
Ryu: 7
R. Mika: 6
Karin: 7
Alex: 7
Juri: 6
Nash: 5
Laura: 5
Guile: 5
M. Bison: 5
Kolin: 6
Necalli: 5
Ken: 5
Zangief: 5
Vega: 4
F.A.N.G.: 4
Rashid: 4
Dhalsim: 4
Birdie: 5
Menat: 5
Zeku: 4
Ed: 4
Urien: 4
Akuma: 4
Balrog: 4
Abigail: 3

Characters such as Abigail and Zeku were recently released, and are expected to have a low number of costumes at this time compared to the rest of the roster. The disparity is mostly seen when comparing two initial roster characters, such as Chun Li (14) and Dhalsim (4).

Costumes are a way for players to express themselves. Some players may even pick up characters they never thought they would play because of costume choices. These players who play these Characters don't get the chance to express themselves because they rarely get Costumes. It is in Capcom's best interest to employ fair costume diversity among the roster so that fans of all characters could share the luxury of spending their money on content for their favorite characters.

It is difficult to say why some characters are favored over others. According to character usage data, Chun Li has been one of the least played characters since January 2017. Akuma, another iconic character and the EVO winning character, has been one of the top played characters since his release in December 2016, but has one of the lowest amount of costumes in the game. Capcom should report sales data of their DLC so that gamers could better understand the logic behind the disparity, and have an idea of what the top DLC sellers are.

A realistic goal should be for everyone in the roster to at least get 10 or more Costumes before the diversity of the costumes gets any worse 

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