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Devil May Cry 5: fix Nero's design!

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Devil May Cry 5 has just been announced by Capcom. For us fans, this is a great news, since we finally have what we've been asking for 10 years now: a real sequel to DMC 4.

While the mood should be light, skies bright and little birdies singing all around, a lot of people still feel unsatisfied about some of the announced stuff. What we know of the game so far indeed feels really different from DMC4, with a much darker and realistic aspect. Some say the game will be bad, some say a lot of bullshit about it, we DO NOT share their opinion. We trust Capcom, and even more Hideaki Itsuno, to keep their promise, and make this game the best Devil May Cry ever.

However, we can't be 100% ethusiast about it, and we would love to be. Why is that so? We fear the influence of the Dmc reboot, out a few years ago, with an incredibly ugly version of Dante as its hero. Nero's design in DMC 5 is clearly a reference to that character. We would have said nothing about any new character looking like this, and want to keep Capcom 100% free to create something fresh and new (or should I say hellish and rocking?) for this new volume of the franchise... but changing a known character this much, especially one of the most important ones, means loosing part of his soul. We don't recognize Nero, and this is really bothering us, because we love this character, and because DMC5 seems to have a really good narrative for him. 

Capcom has announced DMC5 at E3 saying us that they listened to us, that they listened to the fans. We believe them, and feel really excited to have another DMC in the series. This petition is IN NO REMOTE WAY an attempt to make them the bad guys, or insult them or anything. We just wanted to tell them gently that just changing very few details would make this new game project perfect to us. And we're making this petition so that other people sharing our opinion can mark it. Our hope doing so is that, if we're numerous enough, Capcom will know it in time and fix this. 


In short, here is what we ask :

- longer hair for Nero, closer to what he looks like in DMC 4 (not especially the same haircut, though, as long as he's recognizable)

- make Nero a little less slim. He's so slim he seems younger than he did in 4, and this makes no sense. He (probably) has Sparda's blood in his veins, give him some muscles!

- longer coat for Nero. DMC games have always starred these outfits, so much that they have become a part of what made us love the series over the years. It's part of its DNA.

>> Needless to say we ask these changes for the primary skin of the game, not an alternate one. 


See? We don't ask much! For all the other aspects of the game, we trust you. And we'll follow what you do with a lot of interrest, and fully open mind. 

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