Give the RE2 Remake distinct and consistent campaigns !

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Many people have been waiting excitedly for the RE2 Remake to be released and I think we all agree that it turned out to be a great game! The developers actually managed to improve the original in so many ways and we can be glad to have the privilege of playing the modern version of our favorite childhood game. 

But there is one thing that leaves many people confused or even totally disappointed: The lack of differences between the campaigns and as a result confusion about the plot of the game!

The game events of one character fully contradict the game of the other because it handles it like an alternative universe. This concept of storytelling (that we know from RE1) doesnt work in RE2 because - unlike in RE1 - this game is about two characters that BOTH have their own important sub plots about different support- and side characters that BOTH have to happen according the RE lore! This just cant be achieved the way the campaigns work because leons game contradicts claires and claires game contradicts leons. So, BOTH campaigns cant have happened! There clearly needed to be two different campaings. On the one hand each campaign wants to be a "stand alone", being only loosely connected to the other one, but on the other hand each character has exclusive story parts that you only see if you finish BOTH campaigns. In addition to it there are plenty indications that both characters campaigns/ 2nd runs were initially supposed to exist in parallel (different starts after the crash, being leon the window in the interrogation room is smashed what happens in claires game, different last bossfight etc.) In the end this system is a mix of alternative timelines and partly complementing stories! Thats not a good system! The official canon story about what really happened cant be extracted that way!

What we need and what I ask capcom for is a story dlc that introduces minor changes in a way that leon and claire have complementing stories that result in a consistent overall plot!

We are all huge fans and we all want the game to be as great as it can be thats why I am asking you for supporting this petition!

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Thank you very much!