Ace Attorney Trilogy ported on Android devices (World)

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Dear Capcom,

This letter is from a very concerned Ace Attorney fan. I'm concerned about the fate that this series will suffer if some things don't change.

You have released almost every chapter to the west on iOS devices, with the exceptions of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban. We have accepted this mistake, but we haven't forgotten. We in the west lack any merchandise, and physical editions of the newest games. We've begun to accept that as well. But when you don't publish the original Phoenix Wright Trilogy on Android... that is a thing I can't accept. The Trilogy is what made people fall in love with Ace Attorney, and depriving old time fans and possible new fans of the chance to see the birth of this fantastic series is a crime. Piracy can't be a reason to not publish it: if you don't publish a game, you won't obtain anything in return, and the fans will grow more distrustful and displeased with the company; the money you work so hard to gain will be wasted on emulation and such, because you left us with no choice.

Therefore, I ask: if you won't localize DGS or AAI2, if you won't release any merchandise or physical games in the West to support the series, at least give us the Ace Attorney Trilogy, and make a resounding shout with us...






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