Cap Hospital CEO pay: nurses are not the problem with healthcare

Cap Hospital CEO pay: nurses are not the problem with healthcare

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Lawmakers are concerned about nursing pay! There is a problem with salaries in hospitals, as you can see in the facts and figures below.  Please consider signing this pledge to help our lawmakers figure out where the problem REALLY lies. 

2021 numbers

-30,000 open travel nurse positions
-$108,070 travel nurse average pay ($51/hr)
-Total $ for just open travel nurse positions: $3,242,100,000 (billion)
-6090 hospitals = 6090 ceos
-$562,850-ceo average pay ($271/hr) (pay range is actually $274,300-$1.4 million per CEO) and $297,500,000 in bonuses for all CEO’s
-Total $ on ceos=3,427,756,500 (billion) Including bonuses: $3,725,256,500 (billion)

-30,000 travel nurses STILL don’t make as much as 6,090 hospital CEO’s pay (ceo numbers are 20% of travel nurse numbers)

-the deficit in pay between healthcare CEO’s and travel nurses not including bonuses is $185,656,500 (million) and $483,156,500 (million) including bonuses

-And the past two years, hospitals have made record profits-ceo rate has risen 90% in the last decade, while other hospital workers made 10-20% more

-ceo pay to average worker pay = 253:1

-the nursing role is invaluable to this country and it’s people; nurses are not replaceable, and they deserve respect and fair compensation relating to their high demand, especially during this pandemic. The laws of supply and demand are applicable to nurse pay. We are currently in a nursing crisis in this country while concurrently experiencing high demand for nurses. According to the rules, this increases the value of the nursing profession, and therefore pay. 

Disclamer: all of these figures were complied using a quick google search and include data from AACN, American Hospital Association, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dignity Health Global Education, and Bloomberg. Feel free to conduct your own research and reach your own conclusions. Thank you for your consideration. 

157 have signed. Let’s get to 200!