Stoplight at the corner of Northside Blvd. and Hwy. 20/26 in Caldwell

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I would like a stop light to be put up on the corner of Northside Blvd. and Hwy. 20/26 in Caldwell. I live on that corner and there are car accidents ALL the time! This last one (that I know of) being one of the scariest for me. A pickup truck ran the stop sign on Northside Blvd, heading North, T-boned a sedan car, flew through the air, took out the stop sign on our side, hit and bent a big metal pole on our property and landed upside down in our parking lot. One of the tires flew off of the truck and PUT A HOLE THROUGH OUR FENCE, and it landed in our yard, and a tire from the car, WITH A PIECE OF THE AXEL STILL ATTACHED, flew over our fence and also landed on the other side of our yard where my children play!! That could have killed my kids, my husband, or myself! Not to mention, those tires could have flown through one of my windows in my house! With previous accidents, I have seen the jaws of life being used, I have seen people being rushed into the ambulance, I have seen people crying on the phone telling a family member that another loved one has been injured. During busy traffic hours I see the same vehicle waiting for longer than 10 mins to get across 20/26, buses trying to safely get kids to school on time, people trying to get to their place of work, myself included. I will also mention, that within the 4 corners that make up that intersection, 3 of the corners are business properties. Those are the main reasons why I think a stop light at the intersection of Northside Blvd. and Hwy. 20/26 in Caldwell would benifit by substantually decreasing car accidents and potentially saving lives. With this investment the county would be saving  the resources that are used up on a constant basis cleaning up the car accidents, directing traffic and generaly cleaning up and repairing the damage to the public roads and signs.

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