More security measures taking in our schools

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We need to start taking extra security measures in our schools. I believe there are many things that we could do to make sure that our kids a little extra protection against awful things that happened like on February 14th 2018. We need to get better safety glass bullet proof glass on the windows to our classrooms. I also believe that the schools should have some kind of protective barrier for kids like bullet proof mats some kind of Shield just in case there is an active shooter situation in our schools. I believe that we should hire at least two better to serve in every school. There is so much more that we could do we just need to start making the changes. We need to start doing whatever we can to protect our children I also believe that there should be metal detectors in our school this is the time that we can't choose and pick what we can and can't put in our schools financially these are our children on the line we have to find a way to make this work. Our kids are not going to feel safe going to school until we start showing them that we're doing everything we can to protect them. I also believe that the entire Independent School District staff should go through some sort of training just to prepare them for anything that may happen. These are not extraordinary request she believed that these would be easy to achieve if we all work together parents Teachers Community leaders. I am calling for a change in Amarillo Texas to prevent such a tragedy like Sandy Hook Florida Columbine and many other places we need to protect our kids just as our job as parents. As parents we send our kids to school trusting that they will be okay I don't feel that way any longer and I know I'm not the only one I am scared I am terrified for my child. we have taken precautions at home just in case there is an active shooting situation in public I think every parent should do those things but it is up to our school our city and our school board to decide if they want to take measures to protect our children. if you are with me please sign my petition this might just be the thing that saves your kids and my kids life and the teachers that go to school every day and are with our kids every day and for those teachers that have lost their lives protecting our children enough is enough. Amarillo Independent School District 7200 Interstate 40 West
Amarillo, Texas 79106 / Canyon Independent School District 3301 N. 23rd St. Canyon, TX 7901

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