The government to be Controlled

The government to be Controlled

February 2, 2022
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Started by cool person

Dear members of the City of Vancouver,
This message is directed to the government.

The amount of things the government has control over is absurd. You can’t just enforce logs for everyone in the department and if they don’t log then they get a punishment. That is very messed up, we all have other stuff to do.

For example, the department heads has to overseer the department, and even make new documents, and enforce regulations.

There is also such things as divisions, in which department heads have to overseer.

Administrative Members have to maintain strict guidelines, keep documents up to date, enforce regulations, investigate, get their department functional, and enforcing logs is absurd.

If I were the government, I would FIX the government before trying to manage the departments.

In regards to the assembly, it has been very inactive and dysfunctional. For example, we the people elect these assemblyman to create laws, resolutions, acts, etc. In these times, it has been very inactive. There has been no good bills passed, or not really at all.

In regards to the judicial branch, there’s only a couple of judges who are actually good. The courts of appeals is inactive, and most judges are very unprofessional in their cases. There are a few good judges such as mally and koala.

There are also sides of corruption within the government. If you do not like the government, you get banned and will be dismissed from everything. Also, they key way to get a job in government positions is by being friends with people. If someone’s friend did something bad, they will defend their friend and blame the victim. 

In smaller words, don’t enforce patrol logs and don’t manage departments unless it’s an absolute issue. Fix the government before you (the government) manages other departments.

Please change this, or resign from office. 


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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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