Urge Canton Police Department to Stand in Solidarity with George Floyd & Black Lives


Urge Canton Police Department to Stand in Solidarity with George Floyd & Black Lives

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Reem Abou-samra started this petition to Canton Police Department and

Dear Canton Police Department and Public Safety,

We are the residents of Canton-MI. Canton MI has been our home for some generationally and for others as new comers. Regardless of how long we have been citizens, we are all protected and served by our Public Safety Department. This petition requests that the Canton Police Department (Public Safety at large) to stand against injustice and uphold the values of our community. Our community is one that is diverse: racially, economically, politically, socially, and religiously. When one part of our community is hurt, the whole community is hurt. 

It has been roughly a week since George Floyd had been murdered while submitting to his arrest. Undue force was used. A few weeks earlier a man named Christian Cooper was threatened by a woman named Amy Cooper (no relation) who weaponized his race against him - by calling the police - knowing full well that it had consequences. This was in response to Christian Cooper asking her to leash her dog in a part of Central Park that required a leash. Only a few weeks before that Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own home with regards to a case - in which the perpetrator was already in police custody. Just a bit earlier, Ahmaud Arbery was shot while out for a jog - by two men who conducted their own citizen arrest by conflating Arbery and his race with another burglar. And many more countless names of people that I can't even begin to list. Moreover, the pandemic has disproportionately affected the Black American community, particularly within our own state, and especially in Detroit City. 

In some cities and towns police forces have joined the protest against the use of brutality and undue force on its citizens. We would like to see Canton Police Department uphold the vision and core purpose of serving the community with professionalism, excellence, integrity, and courage.

We are writing to urge you to the following:

1- The Canton Police Department should release an official statement regarding the loss of life for many black lives at the hands of Police. Acknowledge the systemic problems and assure your citizens that Canton Police department condemns the unjust use of force during arrests.

2-  Stand in solidarity with both your black community members as well as with black citizens across the nation – in demanding justice for George Floyd and countless others.

3- Pledge to uphold justice fairly, unequivocally, and without bias. Accountability is important. Officers must hold themselves accountable both individually and collectively to ensure that justice is upheld. 

4- Pledge to not use undue force during citizen arrests. This can be done by creating trainings both with regards to arrests as well as bias, diversity, and inclusion. 

5- Encourage Canton businesses, officials, and citizens to follow your lead and to protect the sanctity of life. 

Thank you.


Residents of Canton-MI.


This petition made change with 885 supporters!

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