Whitstable is drowning in litter we need Canterbury CC to take action now.

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Whitstable is drowning in litter. I walk my dog every single morning and I’m sick and tired of having to clean up after other people. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and we welcome our visitors, but enough is enough and our council needs to know how residents feel.

I’m not asking for the impossible. These ideas are simple and working in other places I’ve visited. I want to be able to enjoy being in on the beach without a mountain of rubbish piled on the nearby pavement. Everyone is always dodging broken glass on the beach and I’m always saying that current signs aren’t clear or powerful enough; the ‘take it home’ message isn’t working.

Here are my three ideas. Please sign my petition if you agree:

1. We need clearer, more powerful signs to change people’s behaviour around littering. We also need more signs than are currently displayed.

2. I want to see big ‘belly’ bins in Whitstable this summer. There have been calls recently for these bins that take loads more rubbish than ordinary bins and aren’t open to seagulls.

3. Seafront rubbish collections need to happen later in the evening in summer. With more flexibility in when these collections take place, mounds of rubbish