Cut ties with Hewlett Packard CCCU!

Cut ties with Hewlett Packard CCCU!

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Palestine Solidarity Society started this petition to Vice Chancellor Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University's (CCCU) Palestine Solidarity Society know that the University currently has a contract for the supply and maintenance of Hewlett Packard (HP) printers across campus through a sub-contractor. HP is also the maker of CCCU’s new campus computers.

HP is a multinational IT company. According to the research group Who Profits HP Enterprise provides servers to the State of Israel for its population registry. IDs issued based on this registry determine one’s level of rights. Under this system, Jewish citizens have more rights than Palestinian citizens, who have more rights than Palestinians from the West Bank, Gaza, or East Jerusalem.

HP Inc. is the exclusive provider of computers to the Israeli military, which carries out the occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and in the last decade has carried out the brutal siege of Gaza.

HP Enterprise provides servers and technology used in Israeli prisons. Israel’s prison system is used to suppress Palestinian political activity, and to stifle opposition to its policies. By helping Israel run its prisons, HP is at the heart of Israel’s use of mass incarceration to undermine Palestinian opposition to apartheid.

Currently CCCU has no policy on ethical investing or purchasing, only 'Preferred Supplier' guidelines. These guidelines say due diligence checks assure the University 'are working with ethical, financially sustainable suppliers...', yet CCCU still continues to procure through a sub-contractor supplying HP printers and computers. 

As students and staff, we cannot sit by silently as tuition fees are used to
systematically oppress and infringe on basic human rights.

We ask that you join us in demanding:

  1. Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) cut ties with Hewlett Packard.
  2. CCCU create ethical investment and procurement policies to ensure divestment from companies who are complicit in Israel’s war crimes.

Stand with us today by signing this petition and let the Vice Chancellor hear your voice!

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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